Yoga with Dominique

For over a decade yoga was one of many forms of exercise I routinely did. Then my practice deepened and I saw how much  everyone could use a little bit of yoga in their lives. Join me as I help others find a bit of calm in the hectic place that is the Silicon Valley.
Style of Yoga Offered
My teaching style is geared towards basics/beginners and alignment. I also like restorative because I have experienced the benefits of this style of class and bet that a lot of people could use it. Additionally, I like to teach yoga to kids and adolescents. I find that the 11-14 year olds can benefit from yoga in the same way adults can.
About Dominique
I was a very smart, ambitious adolescent. I went to an elite college. I took a marketing job and excelled. I got raises (yay!). I got more responsibility (double yay!).  Fast forward almost two decades and I was managing over 20 people,  trying to change habits and thinking that had been ingrained as part of the company’s original culture, and showing my younger staff how to handle a lot of work and stress while keeping up appearances.  And I had a family. Total chaos that eventually got entangled in my body and mind.

With a yoga practice that went beyond “exercise” (along with cognitive behavioral therapy),  I could see how fixing and managing things while also being go-go-go had become my own ingrained pattern. Yoga gives me practice at just being that I can use for the peaks, valleys and plateaus of living.  

Having completed my 200 hour teacher training at the Joy of Yoga School in Los Gatos, I’m sharing this gift.
Where to find me?
Krav Maga Institute Santa Clara
Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm: Yoga fundamentals

Fridays 6:30pm-7:30pm: Restorative yoga
Contact Me
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